Bronzeville BooksA Negro and An Ofay

In 1952, after a year on the run,
disgraced Chicago Police Officer Elliot Caprice
wakes up in a jailhouse in St. Louis.

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Bronzeville BooksLove and Other Drugs

From noted short crime fiction writer Nikki Dolson
comes thirteen stories of black womanhood. Love and Other
Criminal Behavior
shines a light into the darker parts of love.

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Bronzeville Books is an independent publisher focused on elevating voices and stories that have long been underrepresented and need to be told. Bronzeville Books breaks down dividers, whether that’s in genre, mediums, or representations of characters to be inclusive and disruptive. Publishing books for teens and adults in a variety of formats and genres, Bronzeville Books unites readers and writers through outstanding stories.

We are committed to producing a generation of racism-free literature to ensure a racism-free future.

Within Bronzeville, writers and publishers work together to make room for all stories. It’s a place where talent is nurtured; the focus is author-centric, not on the individual book but on the longtime career of the author. We work deeply with authors on editing and revisions and provide publicity and marketing support for their work. Read More →


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Hard Times

Hard Times by Les Edgerton reviewed in The New York Times

Life is pure misery for the women and children in HARD TIMES, Les Edgerton’s bone-cracking, Depression-era yarn set in the backwoods of East Texas.
Ace Boon Coon

Newcity reviews ACE BOON COON by Danny Gardner

“Ace Boon Coon,” Danny Gardner’s second book in “The Tales of Elliot Caprice” series, is a detective novel set in 1950s Chicagoland, with all the elements of a satisfying noir. Private detective...
Danny Gardner

Bronzeville Mayor and author Danny Gardner shares his story with the Chicago Sun-Times

, ,
Chicago native Danny Gardner knows what it’s like to be a Black author who has to go through gatekeepers in literary spaces often...
Bronzeville Books Author


Bronzeville Books Author


Bronzeville Books Author


Bronzeville Books Author




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